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Privacy – Provv. N. 229/2014


It’s pointed out that the Site’s pages contain hyperlinks to third parts of which this Disclosure Statement is not extended. The Disclosure Statement is to be updated by Gaspari Menotti Technologies Srl and fort his reason the user is adviced to carefully read and keep this Privacy Disclosure Statement prior to the assignment of any data relating to them. This Privacy Disclosure is provided for the purposes set out in the Article 13 of the Privacy Code.


Privacy Code Legislative Degree no. 196 of 30.06.2003, Code for protection of personal Data.
Privacy Policy Contains informations and advice on how to manage the site and the transfer of any personal data by the User according to the Privacy Code,the provisions of the Data Protection Authority and in general of the technical standards for the sector.
Site Is the present website, on the domain named, made for communication purposes by Thetis for Gaspari Menotti Technologies Srl, with registered address in Viale Zaccagna, 18/F 54033 – Carrara (MS) – ITALY.
User The user is the web user that accesses the site and interacts with it.
Controller of personal data Is Gaspari Menotti Technologies Srl, based in Viale Zaccagna, 18/F 54033 – Carrara (MS) – ITALY, Tel. 0585 64551, Fax 0585 645555 , E-mail:
Responsible of the data Is Gaspari Menotti Technologies Srl designated as controller, in accordance with Article 29 of the Privacy Code, in regards with the protection of personal data.
Personal Data Any information relating to an individual, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference to any other information including a personal identification number.
Browsing Data We refer to the data that the computer systems and software used to operate the site receive, during their normal operation and that could allow the identification of the User, through processing and association with data held by third parties.

In this category data as the following could be found:

–   IP address

–   URI addressUniform Resource Identifier (ftp://…, http://…, mailto:…., ecc.)

–   Time specifications and method used to submit the request to the server

–   Size of the file obtained in response

–   Code number that indicates the status of response form the server (successful, error, etc.)

Cookie Strings of small text that the sites visited by the user sends to its terminal where it is stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites at the next visit of the same User.

For more detalied information on the Cookies and their handling please visit:;

Data provided voluntarily by the User

Mailand email at the above address, the complitaion of the forms on the Contact page or the Hospitality one are entirely optional, explicit and voluntary and involve the acquisition of data provided by the Use, including information possibly found in the message.
Please note that this data are only used to respond accurately and efficiently to any request of the User, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Law, also in a possible request accompanied by explicit consent of the User to receive newsletters and / or informative material in general.
Data may be shared with companies in the same group and, possibly, to parties ouside the company such as lawyers, accountants, labour consultants, banks, associations, etc. of witch our society may use. Data will not be disseminated, in any case.

Disclosure on Site Navigation

This website uses technical cookies, perticularly:

  1. Temporary session cookies, resulting from the WDP platform, that allow a normal navigation and use of this website but that are not recorded permanently on the User’s machine and disappear when the web browser’s window is closed.
  2. Cookies related to Google Analtytics; this website makes use of Google’s service named Google Analytics for the generation of statistics on the use of the web portal. To view the privacy policy of Google related to Google Analytics, please visit
    To learn about the privacy policies of Google, you are invited to visit to

Moreover, the system is designated for using the web’s browser’s cache, if activated, temporary memory where sets of data are stored that can be retrieved quickly when needed. The cookies mentioned beforehand do not allow in any case the acquisition of personal identification data. This website does not use persisten cookies, trojans, spyware, web bugs or systems for user traking or ures profiling.

If you don’t wish to receive cookies on your device, you can manage cookies in the Settings or Tools voice in the browser’s main menu. This allows you to disable cookies form all sites, except those you trust.

Please note that turning off cookies you will not have access to many features that make the site more efficient and some of the services will not function properly. You can also choose to disable third-party cookies without compromising the proper functioning of our site. This may result, however in viewing advertising messages that are not of your interest, Please note that this exclusion of third party cookies is not subject to our control.

In order for you to better understand how you may change your privacy settings, below is a series of links you may find useful:





Another feature that most browsers provide is Incognito mode. You can browse the web in Incognito mode when you do not want your website’s visits or your downloads to be recorded in your browser’s history and download. All cookies created in Incognito mode are automatically deleted when you close all browser windows.

Alternatively, your browser options contain the “Clear browsing data” feature. You can use it to delete the cookies, site data, plug – ins and data stored on your navigation device.

See these sites for more information or select “Help” on your browser for guidance online:

Nella seguente tabella è riportato un dettaglio dei cookie presenti sul Sito. Accanto a ciascun cookie terze parti è riportato il link alla privacy policy del soggetto, diverso dal gestore del Sito sul quale l’utente sta navigando, che genera e gestisce tali cookie.

Data Processing

Personal data are processed by the computers and data transmission devices for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are collected.

Specific security measures are taken to prevent data loss , misuse orimproper use and unauthorized access.

Rights of interested Parties

Under Article . 7 d . lgs . n . 196/2003, the Member concerned can exercise the right to know:

  1. personal data origins
  2. data processing and its purposes
  3. the logic applied in case of treatment with electronic instruments and data collection and transmission devices
  4. the identity of the owner, manager, persons or categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who may become aware of it

the right to obtain from the owner or manager, without delay:

  1. updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data,
  2. the cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data that need not be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed,
  3. certification that the operations described in letters ab have been made known, also regarding their content, of those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves the use of means clearly disproportionate to the protected right

the right to object in whole or in part

  1. for legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data, pertinent for collection purposes
  2. to the processing of personal data concerning for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct sales or for carrying out market research or commercial communications.

The rights can be exercised with a request to the Owner Gaspari Menotti Technologies Srl, with headquarters in Gaspari Menotti Technologies Srl, con sede in Viale Zaccagna, 18/F 54033 – Carrara (MS) – ITALY, Tel. 0585 64551, Fax 0585 645555, E-mail:

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  • Marble & Granite International Co. Ltd
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