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Gaspari Menotti Technologies offers a technical assistance service specifically designed to take care of the customer. Each request is treated with the utmost availability and efficiency by our operators, all to ensure a prompt and accurate response guaranteed by the skills of Gaspari world.

Gaspari Menotti Technologies is present in numerous markets (India, Brazil, Ethiopia, as well as the areas of Verona and Carrara in Italy) with an on-site technical assistance service.

In addition, Gaspari Menotti offers a team of qualified and specialized technicians available to customers to solve any machine operating problems.

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Gaspari Menotti has a spare parts warehouse that allows to shorten the intervention times. Any request regarding spare parts for our machines is treated as quickly as possible thanks to the use of original materials.


Gaspari Connect Service is the integrated remote assistance service that Gaspari Menotti Technologies makes available to its customers. All the machines produced by Gaspari are equipped with the remote connection system, with an already configured IT infrastructure that uses internet as a communication channel between the machine and Gaspari service centre.

Gaspari Connect Service system means:

  • Simplicity
    A necessary condition for using the new infrastructure is the proximity of an internet access to the switchboard of the line, which does not pass through corporate proxies. No configuration of the customer’s corporate network.
  • Control
    The connection of Gaspari Connect Service with the network can only be activated by the customer himself through a specific command on the machine, leaving the customer complete control over the remote accessibility of their system.

Main advantages of Gaspari Connect Service:

  • Modern and flexible architecture that constantly and naturally evolves together with internet, its technologies and its services;
  • Possibility of carrying out remote checks on the status of the machine to identify and, in many cases, resolve any operating problems of the machine itself
  • High link speed


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