SK INTERNAATIONAL STONES INDIA PVT. LTD. reaffirms its trust in Gaspari Menotti by installing a new multi-wire of the GMW series

SK Internaational Stones, which is part of the SK Group, has its pro- duction plant located in Hosur, one of the most important areas for granite processing and, “SK is one of the market leaders in India for export of natural stones”.

It has established itself as a reliable international company in the natural stone processing sector with competency to offer Granite, Marble, Quartzite and all other natural stones to the world market. The Company has the capability to meet all customer needs in all forms such as slabs, cut to size, vanities and also to execute complete Projects.

SK Internaational, in order to maintain its dominant position in the market and to upgrade technology in its saw mill, chose to rely on the multi-wire GMW series produced by Gaspari Menotti Technologies. In particular, the choice fell on the GMW 2000 model, which has a cutting width of 2 metres and can cut slabs with a minimum thickness of 20 mm by installing a maximum of 71 wires with diameter 6.3 mm.

The GMW 2000 multi-wire adopts technical solutions designed to optimize the life of the wire and provide very high productivity while guaranteeing an excellent slab surface quality to facilitate high quality polishing operations. The GMW multi- wire machine is controlled by state-of-the-art electronics and has been carefully designed to keep maintenance costs to a minimum, which are among the lowest on the world market.

Once again, companies that make quality, reliability and cost-effective production their strong points rely on the excellence of the Gaspari Menotti brand for state-of-the-art machines.

Some of our customers

  • Al Asriyah Marble Company L.L.C.
  • Alfa Marmi
  • Angramar
  • Anjalee Granites
  • Antonio Longarito Lda
  • Aytas Akin Marble
  • Bao Der Marble Co.
  • Basaranlar
  • Bassi & Bellotti
  • Beaeka General Business
  • Best Cheer Stone Inc.
  • Brachot Hermant
  • Cameleon Granite
  • Civis Marvany
  • Collodetti Granitos
  • Crystal Granite & Marble Pvt Ltd
  • Decolores Marmores e Granitos
  • Divyashakti Granites
  • Dthar Stone Industry
  • Dutse Granite
  • FF Marble
  • Franchi Umberto Marmi
  • GMP
  • Gramarcal
  • Gramazini
  • Gramil
  • Granibras
  • Graniti Compar
  • Graniti Sergio Dalle Nogare
  • Granitos Ibericos
  • Grupo Guidoni
  • Grupo Qualita
  • Horng Yuan Group
  • IBS Granite & Marble
  • IGM Granitos
  • Iz Ko Marble
  • Jyothi Granite Exports
  • Karamehmet
  • Kaynak Group
  • Kursaal S.A.
  • Lazzarini Marmi
  • Levantina Group
  • Liberta
  • M&G Impex Pvt. Ltd.
  • Marble & Granite International Co. Ltd
  • Margramar
  • Marmoles Hns. Moratonas S.L.
  • Marmonil
  • Marudhar Rocks
  • Metamar
  • Naturale Granitos e Marmores
  • Nova Aurora
  • Pacifi Industries Ltd India
  • Pacific Granites Pvt Ltd
  • PBA Stones
  • Saba Dimensional Stones
  • Santo Antonio
  • Sarl Univers Marbre Granit
  • Satya Exports
  • Savema
  • Semayata Dimensional Stone Factory
  • SMG Co.
  • Tab India
  • Tanhat Mining Co. Ltd
  • Thor Granitos
  • Vickers Group
  • Vitoria Stone
  • Zucchi Granite
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