New price list

Dear Customer,

our company maintained the price list constant over the last years. Since the entry into force of the last price list to date, particularly in the last few months, there has been a generalized increase in production costs deriving mainly from the following factors:

  • Strong increases in the costs of raw materials (in particular copper, ferrous materials, aluminium).
  • Strong increases in freight rates and transports in general.

gasparimenotti-aumento prezzi

In this last period, Gaspari Menotti Technologies accepted, where possible, not to transfer these increases to its customers.

Unfortunately, today, this situation is no longer sustainable, and we are forced, in spite of our willing, to review our price lists.

It is for this reason that we anticipate that starting from April 1st, 2021, the new Price List will come into force.

The offers already in your hands remain unchanged within the limits of their time validity, after which, if not yet confirmed, they will also be subject to the aforementioned price increase.

We remain at your complete disposal for any further clarifications, we thank you for the trust that you, together with numerous other customers, renews us day after day and we take this opportunity to extend our best regards.

Fabio Norcini
Chief Executive Officer
Gaspari Menotti Technologies S.r.l.

Some of our customers

  • Al Asriyah Marble Company L.L.C.
  • Alfa Marmi
  • Angramar
  • Anjalee Granites
  • Antonio Longarito Lda
  • Aytas Akin Marble
  • Bao Der Marble Co.
  • Basaranlar
  • Bassi & Bellotti
  • Beaeka General Business
  • Best Cheer Stone Inc.
  • Brachot Hermant
  • Cameleon Granite
  • Civis Marvany
  • Collodetti Granitos
  • Crystal Granite & Marble Pvt Ltd
  • Decolores Marmores e Granitos
  • Divyashakti Granites
  • Dthar Stone Industry
  • Dutse Granite
  • FF Marble
  • Franchi Umberto Marmi
  • GMP
  • Gramarcal
  • Gramazini
  • Gramil
  • Granibras
  • Graniti Compar
  • Graniti Sergio Dalle Nogare
  • Granitos Ibericos
  • Grupo Guidoni
  • Grupo Qualita
  • Horng Yuan Group
  • IBS Granite & Marble
  • IGM Granitos
  • Iz Ko Marble
  • Jyothi Granite Exports
  • Karamehmet
  • Kaynak Group
  • Kursaal S.A.
  • Lazzarini Marmi
  • Levantina Group
  • Liberta
  • M&G Impex Pvt. Ltd.
  • Marble & Granite International Co. Ltd
  • Margramar
  • Marmoles Hns. Moratonas S.L.
  • Marmonil
  • Marudhar Rocks
  • Metamar
  • Naturale Granitos e Marmores
  • Nova Aurora
  • Pacifi Industries Ltd India
  • Pacific Granites Pvt Ltd
  • PBA Stones
  • Saba Dimensional Stones
  • Santo Antonio
  • Sarl Univers Marbre Granit
  • Satya Exports
  • Savema
  • Semayata Dimensional Stone Factory
  • SMG Co.
  • Tab India
  • Tanhat Mining Co. Ltd
  • Thor Granitos
  • Vickers Group
  • Vitoria Stone
  • Zucchi Granite
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Do you need more information?
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