The Gaspari Menotti MIRROR polishing machine opens a new era of its kind, the marble version of the machine installed recently at the project’s World leading company SAVEMA S.p.A of Pietrasanta (LU) has recorded excellent results giving full satisfaction to the company both in terms of productivity and quality. We interviewed Eng. Cesare Fiaschi technical and production manager at the company Savema S.p.A.

G.M.: Eng. Fiaschi in a highly competitive market where there are several prestigious manufacturers what are the reasons that made you choosing Gaspari Menotti for the new MIRROR marble polishing machine?

Fiaschi: For over 30 years Savema has been cooperating with Gaspari Menotti, in our company we have installed several machines of their production, specifically: one multiwires GMW 71wires, two DGS 80 marble gang-saws, a 40-blade open frame gang-saw model FEM a granite polishing machine model PGM 22 heads, all of them extremely reliable machines with very low maintenance costs.
When we had the need to buy the marble polisher, I knew that Gaspari Menotti was planning a new machine and, after analyzing it in detail with the technical staff of Gaspari Menotti, I realized that it was the machine I wanted.

G.M.: In your company you already have a Gaspari Menotti polishing machine of the previous generation, what are the improvements and the differences that you found in the MIRROR compared to the previous model?

Fiaschi: The machine we had was a granite/marble polishing machine, a nice machine. The new polishing machine is a machine dedicated to marble. The structure is always that of the granite machine but differs radically from the previous one. The spindles that were previously centered in the beam are now mounted as “backpack assembly” on the main beam ensuring greater rigidity of the whole beam/spindle system.
The spindle body is now realized in cast-iron and is therefore considerably stiffer than the aluminum type used in PGM. What really struck me is the electronics on which significant steps have been taken.
Thanks to the use of new generation of IO-Link sensors, there is an instantaneous and precise diagnosis on the wear and tear of the components and of any possible malfunctions. In terms of maintenance, the machine guarantees excellent reliability and very low maintenance costs.

G.M.: And in terms of productivity? Was the answer satisfactory?

Fiaschi: I would say I can feel satisfied; in order to cope with the company’s high productivity requirements, the machine is frequently set with a conveyor-belt speed of 2.2 m./min. with a bridge speed of up to 75 m./min., important numbers if you think that with these performances you can reach a production of over 180 sq.m./hour.
The machine has a motorization of the bridge with special brushless motors that give power and narrow spaces of acceleration and deceleration with a truly unique “softness” of movement.

G.M.: And in qualitative terms how do you find the final polishing of the slabs with MIRROR?

Fiaschi: The quality of the polish is impeccable and it is guaranteed by the new polishing plates with diameter of 580mm. with 9 abrasives that allows to work lifting the spindles at the minimum. In addition, the use of the proportional valves to drive the spindles allows me to vary dynamically the pressure in any point of the surface of the slab, enabling me to manage the polishing of the slabs as I wish.
Finally a machine that do not leaves marks /shadows of the passage of the abrasives !!
I also emphasize the possibility of working in sequence slabs of different widths, without losing anything in productivity and polishing quality.
In short: Really a great machine!!!


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